No, this is not some Australian Star Wars fan thing. I’ve been tasked with a mission to consider styles of blogs and pick one that I think is great and use my wordsmith magic to write about it. Of course I’m going to have to speak about one of my favourite blogs which happens to belong to one of the most viral vlog personalities today. So, naturally I’m looking forward to this, and by now you’re just hoping that I’ll get to the entertaining stuff.

Image credit: I Can Has Cheezburger

First off, I’m a huge fan of humourous blogs. I’ve seen the invention and proliferation, the monetization and stupefaction–of some–of them over the years. One of the first humour blogs I can remember was I Can Has Cheezburger which was around well before Grumpy Cat made his debut. They are also credited with starting the animal-based meme phenomenon with this image. In 2007, The very same year the site created and became popular, it was purchased by some wealthy investors for $2 million and turned into a blog network. Another blog that they created, of which I’ve been a fan since the latter part of last decade is Fail Blog which has been another source of great memes and video’s of people overestimating their propensity to do stupid shit while their friends film them. Over the years and due to massive monetization of blogs, these two blogs have been less tantalizing. There is always too much ad noise to contend with to see the goods. So, I’ve turned to funny content shared directly on Facebook or Youtube to get my laugh on.

Now this has led me to discover about a year ago, Ethan Merrel who is the mastermind behind Ozzy Man Reviews. He’s definitely my current favourite. And thus, why I titled this post, “Rogue One”. I believe he’s using a combination of the rogue blogging style, but also the personal brand. He’s definitely developed a signature style with his crass, irreverent–yet hilarious–voice overs of content circulating the net, and likely some user submitted video content also. He knows people are going to take offence, but doesn’t care and probably wants them to get f#*ked anyhow, because they’re too bloody stuck up in the first place.

I find in contrast to how the Cheezburger blogs have become very cluttered, his blog is very clean and it is clear that he wants the focus to be on his content. In this case, it means no ads. His review videos are all being monetized through Youtube, so driving income through his efforts is easily achieved without pissing off his fans. I can tell by the design of the site that he’s not going for slick quality. There’s an amateurish edge to the header design that is a little endearing, and a bit off the wall with the kangaroo and the stamp, “CERTIFIED NO BULLSHIT” next to it. The layout is clean and everything meant to lead you through the headlines and links to his various posts and the few sections he’s set up through the top menu.

There’s certainly consistency between the majority of posts. The tone of the text is similar to that of the voiceovers of the YouTube videos. For the most part the articles have a distinct call to action prior to the video for which each article is written for. These are not consistent across all posts though, but as a regular consumer of this content I don’t tend to notice if it’s there or not. The headlines and associated images for promoting the posts are usually humorous in themselves and invite the user to look further. The social links are also well placed in the top right of the site. They also appear on each post for consistency. Videos and posts are separated into 6 sections, however there are no visible tags or site path on the pages. I say “not visible” because it’s entirely possible they are hidden and only being used for SEO and not elements deemed relevant for display (that’s simply a theory). I think this blog is what it says in the header, “NO BULLSHIT”. When Ethan Merrel set out to create his first Ozzy Man video, he likely just wanted to call ’em like he sees ’em, and give people a good laugh in the process, and it’s evident in the way content is now being presented on his site.

So, check out one of my favourite Ozzy Man Reviews below.

Credit: Ozzy Man Reviews

Please stay tuned, I’ll have my take on some interesting things about Infographics.

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