If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably at least a little like me. By that I mean, you’re likely intrigued by the persuasive (at least when it’s done right) world of advertising and creative design.

This is my space to combine my multi-faceted backgrounds with my current and future experiences to hopefully share a unique perspective.

They are not fighting! (credit: personal photo)

Currently, I’m a student in a 3-year advertising and marketing program. This blog is associated with one of my courses. It is my intent to share insightful and entertaining information drawn from my professional and personal experiences as I maneuver through college (again). All this while raising two awesome boys as a recently-single parent. One thing is certain though, everything I do is in the best interest of my kids. Aren’t they cute? Sorry L, you’re a teenager and aren’t always there when I take these cute photos.

Why Dadvertising?

  1. Obvious–I have kids!
  2. I’m in advertising.
  3. I’ve recently become single, so I want to incorporate my future experiences as a single father into my observations as an advertiser.
  4. Dad jokes.

Legal crap.
Everything expressed implicitly or implied on this site is my personal opinion and does not represent any company, organization, or person whom I may affiliate with. All work is my own, unless otherwise indicated. All content on the site is subject to change or deletion at any time. By using this website you agree to absolve me of any legal responsibility should you choose to follow any suggestions, advice, or experiences shared through this blog. In other words: no lawsuits allowed.

Now that we have that out of the way, please enjoy your irregularly scheduled program.