Labour of Love

I like to contribute my time to worthy causes. I do it because I love to help others and this is one of the ways that I can contribute to bettering our world, even if it’s just a small impact.


CanUgan is a volunteer organization which provides disability supports to individuals in Kasese, Uganda. Having lived with chronic pain and limited mobility for a long time when I was a young adult, I wanted to help provide supports to others. 

Ottawa City Councillor Laura Dudas

Laura has long been active in supporting the community I live in by acting as president of the community association. After many long years of advocating for us to our City Councillor, she decided to run in Innes Ward and won in the 2018 municipal elections. I was happy to volunteer my time to provide some graphic support, proofing and consultation for her campaign.

Facebook cover image.
Twitter header image.
Direct Mail & Handout Postcard
Black and white full page ad for Blackburn Hamlet community newspaper, the BANAR.

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